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In Canada, ice hockey is a national pastime, and Canadian hockey teams typically dominate those of other countries. This site serves as a tribute to Canadian ice hockey and the many great players who have distinguished themselves on the ice throughout the decades.

Here, fans of the sport can keep abreast of all the latest hockey news coming out of Canada, including important matches and competitions, along with information about individual players and teams.

As long as they frequently visit this site, the home of all things Canadian hockey, fans can be sure that they won’t miss a thing.

The Biggest Ice Hockey Arena in Canada

25 May 2022

With ice hockey being so popular in Canada, it is no wonder that huge arenas are necessary and are usually filled to capacity. For example, the Bell Centre in downtown Montreal holds an audience of over 21,000 and was first opened in March 1996.

The Popularity of Ice Hockey in Canada

14 Apr 2022

Ice hockey is undoubtedly seen as the most popular sport in Canada, and there are several national championships throughout the year. These include the Memorial Cup of the Canadian Hockey League and the Allan Cup. They are overseen by the official governing association called Hockey Canada.

The Rules of Ice Hockey

4 Mar 2022

There are many rules in ice hockey, and the basics need to be understood before commencing play. There are six players in a team, one of whom is the goalie. Each game lasts a straight 30 minutes. There should be no intentional body contact between players.